NPAPI no more supported by Chrome or Firefox

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Issue #28 resolved
Clotaire Delanchy created an issue

Hello @crambow,

Thanks you for your work. It seems to be exactly what I was looking for, but unfortunately, you are using the NPAPI for Chrome and Chrome has stopped to support it since September 2015.

Therefore, it is impossible to see the Send/Receive button and Oracle doesn't give any advice to fix this problem on Linux (they just say to use IE on Windows and Safari on Mac...).

Is it possible for you to fix this? I am using Chrome (v46.0.2490.80 (64-bit)) and Firefox (42.0).

Best regards,


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  1. Carsten repo owner

    Hello Clotaire, Google deprecate support of NPAPI such in the moment where I finished implementation of this feature. One idea is to change the implementation and start these embedded application as a Java Web Start Application out side from the browser. I think this will work. My only problem.....i need time to implement this feature ;-)

    Best regards, Carsten

  2. Clotaire Delanchy reporter

    Hi Carsten,

    Well, for the moment I'll go back to the HL7 Inspector. But I'll keep on eye on your work here because I work in the "Web world" and a web solution is more convenient for me.

    By the way, why not changing the implementation to use full web technologies? It will prevent this kind of problem in the future: no use of Java nor exotic technology...

    Best regards, Clotaire

  3. Carsten repo owner

    Yes I would use the full web technology. That's also the reason why I had started this project. But didn't find a way to open a IP socket to send RAW data to anywhere. :-(

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