Arqlib is a library for parsing backups made by the Arq program for Mac OSX, made by Haystack Software.

Planned Features

  • Automatic retrieval of pack/index files from S3 using Boto or likewise.
  • Caching commits/trees similar to how the Arq program does it
  • A tool for making diffs of trees (the original reason this library was created)


At this point, Arqlib is not install-able, as it's still in initial stages of development.

To use Arqlib, you need to have PyCrypto installed, and python 2.6 or newer.

However, you can use arqlib to test basic parsing of index files, pack files, and any Trees/Commits within:

  1. Make a file called ~/.arq_pass which contains your arq password, in plaintext, all by itself.

  2. Download a .pack or .index file from S3 (I recommend the excellent program S3Hub to do so)

  3. Run on the pack:

    $ python tools/ /path/to/0123ABCDEF.pack


Arqlib is released under the BSD License.