This project's aim is to provide useful helpers for logging/reporting events and errors in a production WSGI/web application.

Sideband can be used simply as a log datastore and manipulated in your own views/templates, or it can be used as a complete end-to-end event log system with access restrictions and a real-time log viewer.

Planned Features

Sideband plans to provide:
  • Various log storage approaches (flat files, sqlite3, sqlalchemy)
  • WSGI and Werkzeug handlers for real-time log viewing with customizable templates
  • Better debug/error info for django and werkzeug requests
  • Email handler with rate control and dupe suppression
  • hooks into the logging module if that floats your boat


Sideband requires Jinja2 and Werkzeug.

To install, use your favorite installer-izer such as pip or easy_install, or simply run the provided


Sideband is released under the BSD License.