retro-language / RELEASE_NOTES.rst

Release Notes

Retro 11.5

core language / standard image

  • metacompiler changes
    • docstring support
    • create headers during metacompilation
  • clean ups and refactorings
    • increased use of & prefix over [ ]
    • comments on quotation compiler added (tangentstorm)
  • new functionality
    • added yield
    • added d->doc
    • added describe
    • added :needs
    • added libraries
    • added parable style conditionals (now default)
    • exposed getc:unfiltered
    • keymap support
  • moved functions to internal' vocabulary
    • quote
    • string
  • docstrings now part of standard image
    • make "smallimage" to get one without them


  • dissect' now tries to display function names for calls
  • added havn hashes from Mat2 to hash'


  • autopsy
    • added words:vectored
    • added words:byClass
    • use latest dissect'
  • block editor
    • fixed a few issues causing corruption (thanks to docl finding the bugs)
  • assembler


  • various fixes


  • improved python implementation from tangentstorm

Retro 11.4

Compatibility Issues

This release brings several changes that may require small alterations to existing source code.

First, the files' vocabulary is now in the library and not the core language. For most users, adding a single line to the start of their sources will be sufficient.

needs files'

The second change is more significant. We have moved pow, abs, min, max, and random to the math' library. If you have source using these, you need to add the following to your sources:

needs math'
with  math'

If you don't want to do with math', you can add a ^math' prefix to each use of these functions and just use the needs math' line.

Third, hidden headers are no longer preserved. There is a new function, HEADERS, which returns the maximum number of hidden headers. Exceeding this will cause problems, so it can be revectored to increase (or decrease) as needed.

Fourth, the tib, temporary string buffers, and hidden headers are now moved to the end of physical memory. Use the introspection' library to determine the size and actual locations of these buffers, and avoid overflowing into them. E.g., in casket', we use ^introspection'startOfBuffers to identify the start of the buffers and dynamically shift the casket buffers to a safe location.

Fifth, string constants are now created using string: instead of string. This requires a quick search/replace to fix.

core language / standard image

  • clean ups and refactorings
    • {{ and }}
    • :is and :devector
    • each@
    • <puts>
    • toNumber
  • removals (now in library)
    • pow
    • abs
    • min
    • max
    • random
    • files'
  • new memory layout (buffers at physical end of memory)
  • hidden headers now disappear when global scope resumes
  • helper function string for strings


  • d' renamed to decimal' (resolve naming conflict)
  • add queries'
  • add dump'
  • add fixed'
  • add double'
  • add unsigned'
  • add introspection'
  • add files' (used to be in core image)
  • update math'
    • add pow (used to be in core image)
    • add abs (used to be in core image)
    • add min (used to be in core image)
    • add max (used to be in core image)
    • add random (used to be in core image)
  • updated console' to use new console device with VT100 fallback


  • cleanups to make better use of higher-level language features


  • add retro-curses
  • C# is now feature complete
  • added support for VM-level console device
  • new java implementation from Mike Andrews


  • fix broken links

Retro 11.3

Compatibility Issues

This release of Retro brings a number of changes that may require small alterations to existing sources. Specifically:

  • maximum string length is now 256 cells by default
  • hidden functions are no longer revectorable

The first is not a big deal. It's now possible to alter both the maximum string length and the number of temporary buffers. To restore a 512 cell size as in 11.2:

here 512 allot constant <512-TIB>
[ <512-TIB> ] is tib
[ 512 ] is STRING-LENGTH

The second change shouldn't be too critical. Basically it means that this will no longer work:

  : foo  ( - ) 50 ;
  : bar1  foo foo + ;
  [ 100 ] is foo

Any private definitions are no longer revectorable. If you have no ---reveal--- in a namespace, all functions are non-revectorable. This won't break anything in the standard language or libraries, but could be a problem if you rely on the old behavior in your code.

core language / standard image

  • new method of implementing quotes
  • maximum string length can be altered now
  • number of string buffers can be altered now
  • internal factors in kernel are no longer revectorable
  • removed use of low level conditionals outside of the kernel
  • reduced amount of padding in kernel
  • reduced default string length to 256 cells
  • metacompiler now strips unused space at end of kernel
  • reduced image size to under 9k cells
  • added until loop combinator
  • hidden functions are no longer revectorable


  • fixed all reported bugs
  • added diet' library for reducing memory usage by trimming string size, buffers
  • added fiction' library for simple interactive fiction games
  • documentation blocks have consistent formatting now


  • include lua bindings (now updated for the lua 5.2 release)
  • include sqlite bindings

ngaro vm

  • c
    • add --help flag
    • load image from $RETROIMAGE environment variable if not found in working directory
    • added variant for Windows users (can be built with tcc)
  • golang
    • updated to work with current weekly builds
    • added README to explain how to build it and cover concurrency additions
  • html5
    • use bootstrap for ui elements
  • php
    • fixed bugs in host environment queries, now feature complete
  • embedded
    • support pic32 boards running RetroBSD
    • updates to arduino implementation from Oleksandr
      • now supports MEGA 2560 and Nano boards
    • slightly lower memory usage in mbed implementation


  • fixed bugs
  • updated to use new language features
  • added bingo card generator
  • added hex dump utility
  • added tab completion example (from Luke)
  • added example of building strings using a combinator


  • add single file covering all of the libraries
  • expansions to quick reference
  • minor updates to fix small mistakes, clarify things


  • properly support multi-line strings in vim highlighter
  • the debugger now has a source display view
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