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Musaa: The Most Wanted Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Mp4


Fearing media exposure, gangsters kidnap a TV Channel's CEO and his family.
Mumbai-based CEO of Channel X, Jaikishan Shroff, has instructed his staff to carry out a number of sting operations to expose elusive underworld gangster, Musaa, leading to threats against his life, as well as a failed abduction of his son, who ended up being rescued by his to-be brother-in-law, Rohan. Though Jaikishan asks for police protection for his staff, he is not made aware of this abduction and fails to ask for any protection for his family from his Police Commissioner friend, A.K. Singhal. The family goes on a vacation to an undisclosed location, and decide to suspend all communications with Channel X. It is this decision that will lead to the entire Shroff family being held by gun-toting hyper gangsters - who are determined to locate video material that may incriminate Musaa. Leaving his family behind, Jaikishan returns to Mumbai with one of the kidnappers, and will find that two of his staff have been shot dead, one employee, Hyder Ali, is missing, and the police are hand-in-glove with Musaa's men. He will also find that the reporter who was holding the video material is amongst the two that were shot dead, and the whereabouts of the video material are unknown!!
I have seen this film about 3-4 times now. The reason being as I said earlier: the to-the-point direction, excellent script and decent cast.<br/><br/>The background music, and the few songs in the film complement the film.<br/><br/>The big name actor in this film is Jackie Shroff. Other notable actors are: Samir Aftab, Akhilendra Mishra, Yashpal Sharma, Sushant Singh &amp; Avtar Gill. Vishwajeet Pradhan makes a very short cameo appearance.<br/><br/>Plot: Mumbai-based CEO of Channel X, Jaikishan Shroff, who has conducted a number of sting operations, finally acquires some hard evidence in the form of a hidden camera video recording done by some members of his staff.<br/><br/>The recording, if got into the hands of the Police, would unravel the mystery of an elusive underworld gangster: Musaa. However Shroff doesn&#39;t know the location of the tape, as it was secretly stashed by a member of his staff before her demise at the hands of some Musaa&#39;s henchmen.<br/><br/>Unaware to Shroff also is that Musaa has recruited some men to recover that very video recording....<br/><br/>Watch this excellent and highly recommended film. Better still, BUY it for your DVD collection.


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