What is this repository for?

  • A simple C++ class created to provide an easily interaction with the geared stepper motor 28BYJ48 through the ULN2003APG driver.
  • Version: 0.1

What do I need to compile/run the code?


How to download and install the WiringPi library

Here you can find all the instructions.

Download, compile and run the code in this repo

At this time there are two main branches: master and testing. The first one corresponds to the 'stable' version, the other to the 'testing' version, as you can easily guess.

Download the 'stable' version:

git clone

Download the 'current' version:

git clone -b testing

Build the sources:

cd steppermotor/
mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..

NOTE: The whole code has been successfully tested on Raspberry Pi 1 model B, board revision 000f and on Raspberry Pi 3 model B, board revision a22082

Perform a simple test:


If you want to keep clean the build directory, you can use this simple bash script:

# Clean the 'build' directory
rm -rf CMakeFiles \
       CMakeCache.txt \
       cmake_install.cmake \
       libStepperMotor.a \
       Makefile \

Who do I talk to?

  • Repo owner/admin