responsiveCss + fixed navbar needs additional css between bootstrap.css and bootstrap-responsive.css

Issue #122 wontfix
David Nellessen
created an issue

According to you need to put some code of css between bootstrap.css and bootstrap-responsive.css when using a fixed, responsive navbar which is not possible right now. I think this might fix the problem:

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  1. Grigory Zarubin

    I agreed - it needs as option. When I add my own css after all bootstrap's css-files - it overwrites some bootstrap's responsive styles. If I can to put my own css before bootsrap-responsive.css and after bootstrap.css - it will be fix many problems.

  2. bbratu

    You can load your css file with registerCssFile: Yii::app()->clientScript->registerCssFile(Yii::app()->request->baseUrl .'/css/main.css'); between Yii::app()->bootstrap->registerCoreCss(); and Yii::app()->bootstrap->registerResponsiveCss();

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