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bug is in your wip release (don't know if ealier versions also have this issue)

echo CHtml::tag($this->tagName, $this->htmlOptions); should be echo CHtml::opentag($this->tagName, $this->htmlOptions);

in init() because at run() you close the tag. with ::tag you open "and" close the tag. Therefore it happens on e.g. ie8 if you update your page with ajax and use a navbar with collapse = true you will get a wrong html code and therefore content will disapear.

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  1. Andreas Dörler


    i can confirm that CHtml::tag leads to problems in IE7+IE8 because it generates code like this:

    <div class="nav-collapse" id="collapse_0" />

    using openTag in init fixes the problem.

    Please update the code like described above.

    Many thanks in advance Andreas

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