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Issue #170 invalid

Any way to open submenus on click instead of hoover

Anonymous created an issue

Probably no way to do it in Yii-Bootstrap itself until this won't be fixed in Twitter Bootstrap itself. So I just want to let you know, that currently submenus are completely unusable on mobile devices, due to always being open on hover not on click (tap).

More detailed description:

I'm using TbNavbar along with multilevel TbMenu. To open first level, you have to click on any button on navbar, that has a menu attached to it. But once this menu is open, you have to actually hover any item to see it's subitems. Since that menu has url set to #, clicking it closes menu and do nothing. Right now this construction fails completely on mobile devices, that does not support hovering at all (at least my Nexus) and only converts tapping to clicking.

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  1. Anonymous

    This seems to be Twitter Bootstrap issue an there aren't many ideas, if this can be fixed. The only workaround I found is to set collapse to true. This will change menu on smaller screens into nice collapsible widget. But it will most likely fail on large screens, like iPad (more details).

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