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Issue #191 invalid


Anonymous created an issue

Sample source code from http://www.cniska.net/yii-bootstrap/#tbGridView does not work properly. Breaks TbButtonColumn.php line 60 $this->evaluateExpression() tries to evaluate $button['url'] which is not an object. I changed line 60 to :

$url = (isset($button['url']) && is_object($button['url'])) ? $this->evaluateExpression($button['url'], array('data'=>$data, 'row'=>$row)) : '#';

which appears to resolve the non-object issue.

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  1. mybitbucketrepr

    Hi Christoffer Niska Did you say that the issue might be in Yii core library? CComponent for example? I experience the same problem following your sample code. If you got it working on your end, please share your Yii version. Thank you. Btw, great work on this extension. I love it.

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