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Issue #233 new

problem with checkBoxRow

Daniel Salamon
created an issue

the checkBoxRow method creates 2 inputs, and Yii gets these 2 value together, like: Form Data:


This is my php in the login site (generated)

<?php echo $form->checkBoxRow($model, 'rememberMe'); ?>

And this is the result:

<label class="checkbox" for="LoginForm_rememberMe">
  <input id="ytLoginForm_rememberMe" type="hidden" value="0" name="LoginForm[rememberMe]">
  <input name="LoginForm[rememberMe]" id="LoginForm_rememberMe" value="1" type="checkbox">
  Remember me next time
  <span class="help-inline error" id="LoginForm_rememberMe_em_" style="display: none"></span>

The problem is, that the remember me option is not working on the site. Any suggestions?

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