Implement any way to not display validation errors

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In current implementation, form elements in TbActiveForm are rendering internally all three key elements -- label, field and validation-error area.

This is cool in general, but you should consider implementing any feature (like for example $htmlOptions['noValidationErrors']) that would allow user to suppress these build-in, rendered internally error-fields. This is especially useful, when user is using his own error-fields, by adding them manually using $form->error(). In this situation, without ability to suppress internal fields, user ends up with two error- fields for each edit-field.

Why one would want to render his or her own error-fields? Look, for example into this article for an answer and more details.

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  1. Anonymous

    This pull request seems to bring exact solution, as it is asked in this issue. Consider merging this into master branch.

  2. Anonymous

    This is partially invalid and partially bind with issue #245.

    To suppress validation errors, one can use:

        $htmlOptions = array

    But, as in mentioned issue, this is fine only for client-side validation stage. After submit 'hideErrorMessage'=>TRUE is ignored and one must use additionally 'style'=>'display: none',

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