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Add the following lines into the respect files.


         * Renders a hidden field.
         * @return string the rendered content
        protected function hiddenField() {
            //echo $this->getLabel();
            //echo $this->getPrepend();
            echo $this->form->hiddenField($this->model, $this->attribute, $this->htmlOptions);
            //echo $this->getAppend();
            //echo $this->getError().$this->getHint();


const TYPE_HIDDEN = 'hidden';

Add following lines in run():

                case self::TYPE_HIDDEN:
         * Renders an hidden field.
         * @return string the rendered content
         * @abstract
        abstract protected function hiddenField();


         * Renders an hidden text field row.
         * @param CModel $model the data model
         * @param string $attribute the attribute
         * @param array $htmlOptions additional HTML attributes
         * @return string the generated row
         * @since 0.9.5
        public function hiddenRow($model, $attribute, $htmlOptions = array()) {
            return $this->inputRow(TbInput::TYPE_HIDDEN, $model, $attribute, null, $htmlOptions);

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