With initial configuration huge space after menu in mobile mode

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Bootstrap's navbar when fixed hides part of the page. Yii-bootstrap 2.1 soved that by adding

page {

padding-top: 60px;


in theme/css/style.css. That's wrong because the padding is there even on mobile devices where menu isn't fixed. According to Bootstrap documentation you should have added padding to the top of body!

So changing it to

body { padding-top: 60px; }

Fixes the problem for me, however, to completely follow the Bootstrap documentation you should insert that after the main bootstrap css but before other bootstrap csss. I did it like that (in main.php):

<?php Yii::app()->bootstrap->registerCoreCss(); ?> <?php Yii::app()->clientScript->registerCssFile(Yii::app()->theme->baseUrl . '/css/styles.css') ?> <?php Yii::app()->bootstrap->register(); ?>

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