inline form and ajax validation

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I've noticed that with the form type "inline" the ajax validation is not performed...

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  1. Christophe

    I think this is because there's no call to "getError()" method to render the validations errors in BootInputInline :

    protected function textField()
        $this->htmlOptions['placeholder'] = $this->model->getAttributeLabel($this->attribute);
        echo $this->form->textField($this->model, $this->attribute, $this->htmlOptions);
    // Here, shouldn't we call getError ???
        echo $this->getError().$this->getHint();

    Adding this makes ajax validation works. The error message is not styled, but that's another story (same as Vertical forms)

  2. Manuel reporter

    2 chris is better than one :)

    yes, why in BootInputInline there's no call to getError/getHint like BootInputHorizontal/Vertical/.. ?

    also textArea() and passwordField() need this

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