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Issue #37 resolved

fix for BootDetailView.php

created an issue

in BootDetailView you forced itemCssClass to be null, but forgetting that this class is called in itemTemplate

please add this to fix the output of "<tr class>" with this widget



 * @var string the template used to render a single attribute. Defaults to a table row.
 * These tokens are recognized: "{class}", "{label}" and "{value}". They will be replaced
 * with the CSS class name for the item, the label and the attribute value, respectively.
 * @see itemCssClass
public $itemTemplate="<tr><th>{label}</th><td>{value}</td></tr>\n";


or if you want to let the user use custom css add a check in run() like



if (!count($this->itemCssClass) > 0) $this->itemTemplate="<tr><th>{label}</th><td>{value}</td></tr>\n"; }}}

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  1. manuel_84 reporter
    • changed status to new

    I was and I am using the dev branch and I still see this issue

    with empty 'itemCssClass' the output of the table will be

    <tr class>
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