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Issue #7 wontfix

BootPopover options

created an issue
  • Let the user to use a different selector than a[rel="popover"] and customize the placement for each instance instead of globally

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  1. Christoffer Niska repo owner

    You can already specify the selector for popover in the component configuration like so:

    			'selector'=>'.popover', // override the default popover selector

    In addition to this you can bind Popover using another selector:

    Yii::app()->bootstrap->registerPopover('.popover-bottom', array(

    After this the default popover will still work.

    Having said that, I'm setting the state of this issue to "wontfix" becasue it's not a bug nor an improvement.

  2. manuel_84 reporter

    I think it was better to leave the possibility to change the placement without registering a new selector, like it was in BS 0.9.7 old declaration of Popover widget

  3. Christoffer Niska repo owner

    You can, just set it in the component configuration like so:


    The upside with this approach is that you don't need to register a "dummy" widget in your main layout, which at least I thought was kind of a hack.

  4. manuel_84 reporter

    Ok so just place this somewhere in help :P But I'm not sure that's confortable changing the "global" component config for every widget where needed

  5. manuel_84 reporter

    I think you should explain better with an example the following case.

    On a page I have 2 Tooltips or 2 Popover (both share this problem). I want the first to place bottom and the second to place right. How can I do this?

    (I think the answer is registering separated selectors...right?) Yii::app()->bootstrap->registerPopover('.popover-bottom', array( 'placement'=>'bottom' ));

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