Auto Cycle of BootCarousel Not Working

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Issue #78 resolved
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I don't know if this is Bug or enhancement, but when I used BootCarousel with default options in my Site, we need to click the carousel control button twice to get it cycle to the next item.

I found BootCarousel render jQuery command without '#' (hash tag) when it needs to selecting carousel main tag. I found line 75 of /widget/BootCarousel.php code like this ...

{{{ #!php

$cs->registerScript(CLASS.'#'.$id, "jQuery('{$id}').carousel({$options});"); }}}

In my case I need to add '#' character so it would be like this:

{{{ #!php

$cs->registerScript(CLASS.'#'.$id, "jQuery('#{$id}').carousel({$options});"); }}}

After that my carousel work perfectly ...

I use Yii-Bootstrap Version Release 0.9.12

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