CHtml label functions do not receive htmlOptions

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In all BootInput*.php classes, you use echo $this->getLabel();

You should pass htmlOptions in this way: echo $this->getLabel($this->htmlOptions);

If not, the CHtml Yii native functions of labeling do not receive the htmlOptions in where you can put "label" => false , to avoid printing particularly any label HTML tag, respecting the label in your model.

Thank you

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    Well, correction ... maybe you don't need to pass ALL the htmlOptions to the "label" function/tag (css classes can affect to (for example) uneditable inputs) ... but "label" one is very interesting:

    echo $this->getLabel(array("label"=>@$this->htmlOptions["label"]));

  2. Christoffer Niska repo owner

    I'm not sure I understand this issue. Bootstrap input classes uses their own getLabel which do respect both label options and label visibility. If you want to set label options use $htmlOptions['labelOptions'].

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