yii-rights / messages / sv / core.php

 * Message translations.
 * This file is automatically generated by 'yiic message' command.
 * It contains the localizable messages extracted from source code.
 * You may modify this file by translating the extracted messages.
 * Each array element represents the translation (value) of a message (key).
 * If the value is empty, the message is considered as not translated.
 * NOTE, this file must be saved in UTF-8 encoding.
 * @version $Id: $
return array (
  'A descriptive name for this item.' => '',
  'A role is group of permissions to perform a variety of tasks and operations, for example the authenticated user.' => '',
  'A task is a permission to perform multiple operations, for example accessing a group of controller action.' => '',
  'Additional data available when executing the business rule.' => '',
  'An operation is a permission to perform a single operation, for example accessing a certain controller action.' => '',
  'Assign item' => '',
  'Authorization item' => '',
  'Authorization items can be managed under {roleLink}, {taskLink} and {operationLink}.' => '',
  'Business rule cannot be empty.' => '',
  'Cancel' => '',
  'Code that will be executed when performing access checking.' => '',
  'Do not change the name unless you know what you are doing.' => '',
  'Generate items' => '',
  'Generate items for controller actions' => '',
  'Here you can view and manage the permissions assigned to each role.' => '',
  'Here you can view which permissions has been assigned to each user.' => '',
  'Item' => '',
  'No actions found.' => '',
  'No assignments available to be assigned to this user.' => '',
  'No children available to be added to this item.' => '',
  'Operations exist below tasks in the authorization hierarchy and can therefore only inherit from other operations.' => '',
  'Permission :name assigned.' => '',
  'Permission :name revoked.' => '',
  'Please select which items you wish to generate.' => '',
  'Roles exist at the top of the authorization hierarchy and can therefore inherit from other roles, tasks and/or operations.' => '',
  'Source' => '',
  'Tasks exist below roles in the authorization hierarchy and can therefore only inherit from other tasks and/or operations.' => '',
  'There must be at least one superuser!' => '',
  'This user has not been assigned any items.' => '',
  'Update :name' => '',
  ':name created.' => ':name skapad.',
  ':name deleted.' => ':name raderad.',
  ':name updated.' => ':name uppdaterad.',
  'Add' => 'Lägg till',
  'Add Child' => 'Lägg till Barn',
  'An item with this name already exists.' => 'Ett element med detta namn finns redan.',
  'Application' => 'Applikationen',
  'Are you sure you want to delete this operation?' => 'Är du säker att du vill radera denna operation?',
  'Are you sure you want to delete this role?' => 'Är du säker att du vill radera denna roll?',
  'Are you sure you want to delete this task?' => 'Är du säker att du vill radera denna uppgift?',
  'Assign' => 'Tilldela',
  'Assignments' => 'Uppdrag',
  'Assignments for :username' => 'Uppdrag för användare :username',
  'Authorization items created.' => 'Auktoriserings elemented skapade.',
  'Business rule' => 'Business regel',
  'Child :name added.' => 'Barn :name tillagd.',
  'Child :name removed.' => 'Barn :name borttagen.',
  'Children' => 'Barn',
  'Create :type' => 'Skapa :type',
  'Create a new operation' => 'Skapa en ny operation',
  'Create a new role' => 'Skapa en ny roll',
  'Create a new task' => 'Skapa en ny uppgift',
  'Data' => 'Data',
  'Delete' => 'Radera',
  'Description' => 'Beskrivning',
  'Generate' => 'Generera',
  'Hover to see from where the permission is inherited.' => 'För musen ovan för att se varifrån rättigheten är ärvd.',
  'Inherited' => 'Ärvd',
  'Invalid authorization item type.' => 'Ogiltig auktoriserings element typ.',
  'Invalid request. Please do not repeat this request again.' => 'Ogiltig förfrågan. Upprepa inte förfrågan pånytt.',
  'Modules' => 'Moduler',
  'Name' => 'Namn',
  'Name of the superuser cannot be changed.' => 'Superanvändarens namn kan inte ändras.',
  'No authorization items found.' => 'Inga auktoriserings element hittades.',
  'No operations found.' => 'Inga operationer hittades.',
  'No relations need to be set for the superuser role.' => 'Inga relationer behöver ställas in för superanvändar-rollen.',
  'No roles found.' => 'Inga roller hittades.',
  'No tasks found.' => 'Inga uppgifter hittades.',
  'No users found.' => 'Inga användare hittades.',
  'Operation' => 'Operation',
  'Operations' => 'Operationer',
  'Parents' => 'Föräldrar',
  'Permissions' => 'Rättigheter',
  'Relations' => 'Relationer',
  'Remove' => 'Ta bort',
  'Revoke' => 'Upphäv',
  'Role' => 'Roll',
  'Roles' => 'Roller',
  'Save' => 'Spara',
  'Select all' => 'Välj alla',
  'Select none' => 'Välj inga',
  'Super users are always granted access implicitly.' => 'Superanvändare beviljas ankomst alltid implicit.',
  'Task' => 'Uppgift',
  'Tasks' => 'Uppgifter',
  'The requested page does not exist.' => 'Förfrågade sidan finns inte.',
  'This item has no children.' => 'Detta element har inga barn.',
  'This item has no parents.' => 'Detta element har inga föräldrar.',
  'Type' => 'Typ',
  'Values within square brackets tell how many children each item has.' => 'Värden i hakparenteser berättar hur många barn varje element har.',
  'You are not authorized to perform this action.' => 'Du har inte rätt att utföra denna funktion.',