For now, dochemistry exists as a sub-directory to swarm as it is entirely
experimental. If I find I like it later on, I'll strip it out and make it its
own project.

The rather nebulous goal of dochemistry is to provide "something like"
sqlalchemy but for document-oriented dbs (e.g., CouchDB, MongoDB, etc and so
on). I'm not 100% certain that such a thing is even needed, but until I monkey
with it, I wont know will I?

BTW, yes "dochemistry" is named because "alchemy" was a protoscience that
eventually led to the "real" science of "chemistry". Yes, I'm being a snarky
bastard here.

License chosen as MIT for dochemistry just in case I ever borrow code from
sqlalchemy (I'd really like to make this thing familiar to people coming
from the sqlalchemy world, so I may liberally lift interfaces directly from
sqlalchemy. Don't know yet... we'll have to wait and see...)