Noink CMS

This is a semi-experimental rewrite of the Noink web-app in Python using Flask
and outputting static HTML.

It's currently very early in development and will progress slowly until things
start firming up.


  • Drop-in replacement for base Drupal installs (so I can retire my old Drupal
  • Be able to run dynamically but have static page generation be the main
  • ....meh?

Setting up requirements

For general installation, use the Python requirements found in


For development and testing, additionally use those found in


These can be installed via pip using the following commands:

pip install -r requirements.txt
pip install -r requirements-dev.txt

Obtaining and Developing Noink

Noink's primary repo is currently:

While mirrors of it may exist on Github, my personal repos and in a CVS repo on
SourceForge, these may or may not be current. When in doubt, use the Bitbucket
repo for the latest and greatest.

Legacy Noink

The legacy Noink code can be found in the legacy/ directory. This is all Perl
code from 1998-2002. It's not intended to be ran anymore (even though I know
it still is in places) nor will it be maintained or updated. It's simply
included for historical purposes and may be removed someday.