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remove osdf, site seems gone, no, looks embarassing now

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 {{ secHeader("Open Source and Free Software Experience", "fossExp") }} 
 <div class="experience_details">
-  {% include '2010-2011-osdf.html' %}
   {% include '2008-mimicware.html' %}
   {% include '2001-2007-tux4kids.html' %}
   {% include '2004-rpmstrap.html' %}


 {% extends "templates/exp.html" %}
 {% from "templates/functions.html" import link, list, br %}
 {% block title %}Contributor{% endblock %}
-{% block timeframe %}Oct. 2010 - Present{% endblock %}
+{% block timeframe %}Oct. 2010 - Jan. 2011{% endblock %}
 {% block company %}
 The Open Source Democracy Foundation{{ br() }}
 {{ link("") }}
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