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File main/job_exp/2007-lf-ft.html

 for cross-distribution package management schema designed to provide third-party ISV
 installation tools low-level access to underlying package management systems.
 {% endblock %}
-{% set flipper=False %}
+{% set flipper=True %}
 {% set flipper_id="lfft" %}
 {% block flipper_contents %}
+{{ list(["Technical specification writing",
+  "Python development",
+  "Linux distribution development",
+  "Package management development",
+  "DocBook"]) }}
 {% endblock %}

File main/job_exp/2008-funavision.html

 Funavision Electronic Entertainment is an independent video game studio producing
 socially enabled video game technologies for the Xbox 360, Google Android, and PC environments.
 Company founder, project manager and lead developer for a number of video game and
-multimedia projects. Manage a focused team of game engineers and testers toward
+multimedia projects. Managed a focused team of game engineers and testers toward
 producing new and exciting video game technologies. Company operated virtually with
 no central offices, thus utilizing specific remote work technologies such as distributed version
 control systems, distributed issue tracking, and distributed work-flow. Lead video game
 technology development for all company projects and performed development in C#, XNA, Java
 C/C++ and Python.
 {% endblock %}
-{% set flipper=False %}
+{% set flipper=True %}
 {% set flipper_id="funavision" %}
 {% block flipper_contents %}
+{{ list(["C# development",
+  "C/C++ development",
+  "Python development",
+  "XNA development",
+  "Managed team of engineers",
+  "Business planning and strategy"]) }}
 {% endblock %}