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Issue #1 resolved
John Hoare created an issue

Could you please provide a version of your library that can be built with catkin instead of rosbuild?

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  1. David LaRose

    Hello John,

    Thanks for the feedback, we have added this to our feature request list. Are you able to deal with the rosbuild setup in the meantime?

  2. John Hoare reporter

    Yes, we can use rosbuild in the meantime. Mostly it would just more streamline our build/setup process if it supported catkin.

  3. David LaRose

    Catkin support is now available in the ROS driver. The updated version will build with both rosbuild or catkin on Fuerte, Groovy, and Hydro (default configuration is catkin, there is a config script in the repo to change it over to rosbuild.) Please note that there are a number of new features and the topic namespace has changed slightly, however the driver is backwards compatible with all released device firmware versions.

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