Multisense (Firmware v3.0 beta) keeps sending UDP data after shutdown of ROS node

Issue #10 resolved
Stefan Kohlbrecher created an issue

I observed that there is significant traffic on the network after the Multisense driver ROS node has been started, no matter if the driver ROS node keeps running or not. Network traffic persists and keeps getting sent to the destination port used by the ROS node. It appears the sensor keeps sending out data at the rate it was last set to by the ROS node, so this can cause quite significant network traffic while users would assume the sensor to not be using bandwidth when the driver is not running. This is after killing the driver started via launch file using Ctrl+C.

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  1. David LaRose

    Hi Stefan, thanks for catching this. This was caused be a recently introduced bug. A fix has been pushed to the repository.

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