Request: PPS signal provides a header timestamp

Issue #16 resolved
btshrewsbury NA created an issue

We are having some synchronization issues between Atlas, ROS, and the Multisense-SL. Publishing a ros timestamp coinciding with the PPS clock as a header timestamp when using network-time-sync would help fix the issue and shouldn't impact current use of the PPS signal.

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  1. Matt Alvarado


    We will be sure to include this in the next ROS driver update which should be released by the end of the week.

    Thanks, Matt Alvarado

  2. Matt Alvarado


    The most recent MultiSense ROS driver 3.3.1 includes a custom StampedPps message which contains both the original PPS message published on the /multisense/pps topic as well as the network-time-sync associated with that PPS message. The new message is published on the topic /multisense/stamped_pps in parallel with the original PPS message.

    Please let me know if there was a different solution you had in mind.

    Thanks, Matt Alvarado Engineer Carnegie Robotics

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