Publish imu as sensor_msgs/Imu

Issue #19 resolved
Ryohei Ueda created an issue

currently mutisense_ros publishes imu as special message type, which is multisense_ros::RawImuData, not sensor_msgs::Imu

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  1. Matt Alvarado

    Hi Ryohei,

    We chose not to publish the raw accelerometer, magnetometer, and gyroscope data into a sensor_msgs/Imu topic mainly because we currently have no way of computing orientation from the 3 data sources. I can include a publisher for a sensor_msgs/Imu topic but it would only have the angular_velocity and linear_acceleration data fields populated. Would that solution work for you?

    Thanks, Matt Alvarado Engineer Carnegie Robotics

  2. Dimitrios Kanoulas

    Hi all --

    has this been pushed to the current revision? I still cannot see any sensor_msgs::Imu topic being published! Thanks a lot!

  3. Matt Alvarado

    Hi Dimitrios,

    Publishing of a sensor_msgs::Imu topic was not added to version 3.3.3 of the ROS driver. We still have no means of accurately generating a orientation from the raw IMU streams in the ROS driver. As mentioned above I could add a topic with just the linear_acceleration and angular_velocity fields populated, but I was under the impression that did not have very much utility over the current IMU publishing scheme.

    Please let me know what would work best for you.

    Thanks, Matt Alvarado Engineer Carnegie Robotics

  4. Dimitrios Kanoulas

    Matt --

    thanks for the reply. For me it plays a big role to have it as a sensor_msgs::IMU topic because in that way I avoid including the RawImuData.h file in my file for using the multisense_ros::RawImuData topic in my callback function. This is a big big issue and make things very complicated from our system management point of view. Just to give you an idea of how much this affects us: the way to use the multisense_ros message right now could be possible only by replicating (!!!) the RawImuData.h code in ours. And I would like to avoid this. So I believe that even without the orientation it's OK to publish such a topic! Please let me know if/when you will be able to integrate such a topic! Thanks a lot!!!

  5. Matt Alvarado

    Hi Dimitrios and Ryohei,

    I added sensor_msgs::Imu publishing to the latest ROS driver 3.3.4. The orientation quaternion is not set in the current implementation. Please let me know if you find any issues.

    Thanks, Matt Alvarado Engineer Carnegie Robotics

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