ROS camera info does not contain the distortion information

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Currently to access the distortion matrix, we need to use the /multisense_sl/calibration/raw_cam_cal

/multisense_sl/left/camera_info and /multisense_sl/right/camera_info do not contain the distortion matrix.

It would be nice if the /multisense_sl/left/camera_info had this information so we can use the ROS camera subscriber to get both the calibration data and the image.

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  1. David LaRose

    Hello, thanks for the feedback! I think I understand the issue, please correct me if not.

    The multisense_ros driver can publish both hardware-rectified (/multisense_sl/[left|right]/image_rect) and non-rectified (/multisense_sl/[left|right]/image_mono) images.

    The /multisense_sl/[left|right]/camera_info topic is currently used in conjunction with the image_rect topics (which already have distortion removed by the MultiSense-SL's internal hardware.)

    Are you looking to subscribe to the non-rectified topics and remove distortion your self?

  2. David LaRose

    Hello, I think I am beginning to understand.

    The image_mono topics to which you are subscribing are not part of the ros::CameraPublisher namespaces that include the camera_info topics (currently if you only subscribe to the image_mono topics, the camera_info topics are not updated.)

    To fix this, the image_mono topics should be moved inside the appropriate ros::CameraPublisher namespaces and the D and K matrices added to the camera_info topics.

    If this sounds like a good solution, we will add a ticket for the next release. Or if I am still misunderstanding, please let me know.

  3. Matt Alvarado


    The current ROS driver version 3.1.1 contains camera info topics for all the image streams. The /multisense/left/image_mono/camera_info, /multisense/left/image_color/camera_info, and /multisense/right/image_mono/camera_info topics all contain the distortion parameters D, distorted camera intrinsics matrix K, and rectification matrix R.

    Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the usage of these.

    Thanks, Matt Alvarado Engineer Carnegie Robotics

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