Auto exposure gets stuck when sensor comes up in darkness

Issue #44 resolved
Patrick Beeson
created an issue

When my ST21 comes up in a dark environment (might be a common case for the ST21), the RGB/grayscale camera pair gets "stuck" showing almost black images from both imagers. In the lab, running rqt_reconfigure and simply unchecking and rechecking auto_exposure fixes this, but in general, this isn't an option for normal use scenarios.

I assume that this affects the S21 and possibly the S7 as well.

This is using 3.4.3

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  1. Matt Alvarado

    Hi Patrick,

    We found the solution to this auto-exposure clamping problem, and are currently testing the fix in house. I emailed you a new firmware image, which has the fix implemented, for you to try on your ST21.

    Matt Alvarado
    Carnegie Robotics

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