/multisense/depth/compressed driver error when subscribed

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Below is error. I tried both image with JPEG and PNG, got same driver error. Other compressed topics such as /multisense/left/disparity/compressed work file.

[ERROR] [1434984992.112363695]: Compressed Image Transport - JPEG compression requires 8/16-bit color format (input format is: 32FC1)

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  1. Matt Alvarado


    This appears to be an image transport issue regarding on-the-fly compression of single channel floating point images.

    I would recommend logging the compressed disparity image along with the image calibration rather than the compressed depth image. You will get a much better compression ratio since the disparity image values are bounded from 0 to 16 * numberOfDisparities (where numberOfDisparites is set in the camera resolution).

    The following link contains the code, and a brief derivation relating to the computation of a depth image.


    It is important to note that the baseline (Tx) encoded in the upper right element of the right camera_info topic is negative. You will need to negate Tx when when computing depth so the sign of your resulting depth image is positive.

    Additionally disparity image values are stored in 1/16ths of a pixel. This means we must divide each disparity by 16 to get the resulting disparity value in terms of pixels.

    Matt Alvarado
    Carnegie Robotics

  2. bitbwshi reporter

    It looks like the driver generating compressed depth with incorrect format for image transport. I am assuming this can be fixed easily.

    Yes, we are using disparity. But like to use depth if this issue is resolved.


  3. bitbwshi reporter


    Are the topic of /multisense/depth is in Canonical Representation? If so the driver shouldn't publish topic /multisense/depth/compressed. That's doesn't make sense since image transport can not handle it.

  4. Matt Alvarado


    A update to the ROS driver, version 3.4.4, was just made which adds the /multisense/openni_depth topic. Please let me know if you experience any issues with the data. Additionally the /multisense/depth/compressedDepth topic should allow you to compresses the 32FC1 canonical ROS depth image.

    Matt Alvarado
    Carnegie Robotics

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