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bitbwshi created an issue

Some one in our group notice an issue with left disparity. Below is the text. Any idea? Thanks!

I’m trying to read disparity image /multisense/left/disparity but having trouble.

I can compile, but goes into displaying ROS_ERROR when executing the below code. It works with the /right/disparity and format changed to “8UC1”. What is wrong with /left/disparity?

// code

try{ disp_new = cv::bridge::toCvCopy(disp, “16UC1”) -> image;

} catch(cv_bridge::Exception& e){ ROS_ERROR(“Could not convert”); }

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  1. bitbwshi reporter

    Hi Matt,

    I did a brief test with latest 3.4.5 version. The "type" error we had is fixed, but it seems not publishing any VALID left/disparity. They are most 0s and with less frequency than right/disparity.

    Could you take a look as soon as possible?


  2. Matt Alvarado

    Hi Wenfan,

    Could you please attach a example left disparity image with no valid data. Also could you attach a snapshot of the left/right rectified images.

    Thanks, Matt Alvarado Engineer Carnegie Robotics

  3. Matt Alvarado

    Hi Wenfan,

    I cant seem to find any attached images for this ticket.

    Thanks, Matt Alvarado Engineer Carnegie Robotics

  4. Matt Alvarado

    Hi Wenfan,

    It might be easier to just email the images to I can't seem to view the images here.

    Thanks, Matt Alvarado Engineer Carnegie Robotics

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