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Some one in our group notice an issue with left disparity. Below is the text. Any idea? Thanks!

I’m trying to read disparity image /multisense/left/disparity but having trouble.

I can compile, but goes into displaying ROS_ERROR when executing the below code. It works with the /right/disparity and format changed to “8UC1”. What is wrong with /left/disparity?

// code

try{ disp_new = cv::bridge::toCvCopy(disp, “16UC1”) -> image;

} catch(cv_bridge::Exception& e){ ROS_ERROR(“Could not convert”); }

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  1. bitbwshi reporter

    Hi Matt,

    I did a brief test with latest 3.4.5 version. The "type" error we had is fixed, but it seems not publishing any VALID left/disparity. They are most 0s and with less frequency than right/disparity.

    Could you take a look as soon as possible?


  2. Matt Alvarado

    Hi Wenfan,

    Could you please attach a example left disparity image with no valid data. Also could you attach a snapshot of the left/right rectified images.

    Thanks, Matt Alvarado Engineer Carnegie Robotics

  3. Matt Alvarado

    Hi Wenfan,

    It might be easier to just email the images to I can't seem to view the images here.

    Thanks, Matt Alvarado Engineer Carnegie Robotics

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