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Maurice Fallon created an issue

The BDI Atlas meshes are stored in the repo for rendering the lidar sensor in 3D:

Could I suggest removing them and just using the texture of the sensor by itself? I think these came from OSRF back during the DARPA Challenge.

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  1. Matt Alvarado

    Hi Maurice,

    These textures are from the DRCSIM Atlas model. I put them into the driver since I thought they were more aesthetically pleasing than a single color STL model. Is there any particular reason you want to remove them?

    Thanks, Matt Alvarado Engineer Carnegie Robotics

  2. Maurice Fallon reporter

    One reason was so users didn't have to have proprietary BDI art work in their code base. e.g. i'm working with NASA's Valkyrie and they are using the multisense which has Atlas meshes. A second reason was to keep the file size down. these images are about 3mb each.

    These changes remove the BDI stuff from NASA's repo - basically by blacking out the other pixels:

  3. Matt Alvarado

    Hi Maurice,

    Those are very good points. I will remove the unused textrues and graft in your changes to the MultiSense ROS driver.

    Thanks, Matt Alvarado Engineer Carnegie Robotics

  4. Matt Alvarado

    Hi Maurice,

    The latest ROS driver release, 3.4.6, has the unused textures removed. I attempted to use your modified head_diffuse.jpg file, but a large number of the MultiSense textures were missing. I created a alternative version which is less conservative on the old texture removal.

    Thanks, Matt Alvarado Engineer Carnegie Robotics

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