How to set a constant output frequency of imu_data in Multisense S7

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Hello, everyone,

I am using the product Multisense S7 for a visual-inertial SLAM, because the sersor Multisense S7 can produce images and IMU data. Actually, I'd like to obtain a stable IMU_data frequency, which causes that IMU data between two frames of images is uniform.

But in the configuration file, I can only choose a frequency range such as 200-20HZ CutOff for accelerometer and 400-25Hz CutOff for gyroscope. A possible result casused by this variable frequency is that there would be no IMU data between some images if the FPS of camera is set to 15 or higher.

In addition, to implement visual inertial SLAM, I have to obtain the rigid body transformation between camera and IMU. Fortunately, there are some methods for calibration, but some calibrated results can not work well. I was wondering that would you provide this transformation between camera and IMU as a reference?

Looking forward to your response. Thank you in advance.

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