After interceptor is not working correctly

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Issue #3 resolved
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If you try After interceptor and check the State of the object will alway be Unchanges for example in following code in ChangeInterceptor<>:

    protected override void OnAfter(DbEntityEntry item)
        T tItem = (T)item.Entity;
        switch (item.State)
            case EntityState.Added:
                this.OnAfterInsert(item, tItem);
            case EntityState.Deleted:
                this.OnAfterDelete(item, tItem);
            case EntityState.Modified:
                this.OnAfterUpdate(item, tItem);

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  1. Chris McKenzie repo owner

    I have a fix for this issue which I should be able release this weekend. It will involve a change to the signature of OnAfter(). It should be easy to integrate though.

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