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update docs with link to virtualenvwrapper-win port; fixes #140

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     Justin Barber (:bbuser:`barberj`). This also resolves a problem
     with cpvirtualenv not honoring the ``--no-site-packages`` flag
+  - Update docs with link to `virtualenvwrapper-win`_ port by David
+    Marble.
+.. _virtualenv-clone:
+.. _virtualenvwrapper-win: 


 .. _bitbucket project page:
+Windows Command Prompt
+David Marble has ported virtualenvwrapper to Windows batch scripts,
+which can be run under Microsoft Windows Command Prompt. This is also
+a separately distributed re-implementation. You can download
+`virtualenvwrapper-win`_ from PyPI.
+.. _virtualenvwrapper-win: 
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