Doug Hellmann avatar Doug Hellmann committed 37e71c7

address issue #46 by escaping the calls to which

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+2010-06-03  Doug Hellmann  <>
+	* Escape the call to "which" so we don't use
+	an alias by accident.
 2010-05-22  Doug Hellmann  <>
 	* tests/ Clarify some of the tests by breaking up,

 # Locate the global Python where virtualenvwrapper is installed.
-    VIRTUALENVWRAPPER_PYTHON="$(which python)"
+    VIRTUALENVWRAPPER_PYTHON="$(\which python)"
 # If the path is relative, prefix it with $HOME
 # Verify that virtualenv is installed and visible
 virtualenvwrapper_verify_virtualenv () {
-    typeset venv=$(which virtualenv | grep -v "not found")
+    typeset venv=$(\which virtualenv | grep -v "not found")
     if [ "$venv" = "" ]
         echo "ERROR: virtualenvwrapper could not find virtualenv in your path" >&2
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