Doug Hellmann  committed a3f211a

Fix project template listing when none installed

If there are no project templates installed, show
a nice message instead of a traceback from stevedore.

Fixes issue #179

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File docs/source/history.rst

   - Rename functions for generating help so they do not pollute the
     global namespace, and especially so they do not interfere with tab
     completion. Contributed by :bbuser:`davidszotten`.
+  - Fix an issue with listing project templates if none are
+    installed. (:bbissue:`179`)

File virtualenvwrapper/

         def show(ext):
             output.write('  %-10s -- %s\n' %
                          (, inspect.getdoc(ext.plugin) or ''))
+        try:
+        except RuntimeError:  # no templates
+            output.write('  No templates installed.\n')
     elif options.sourcing:
         def get_source(ext, args):