This directory contains the MATLAB code and data sets for the CRONUS project
production rate models, production rate calibration, surface sample calculator
and depth profile calculator. 

The directories are organized as:
production:               Basic functions for computing production rates
                          and accumulated production for depth and surface
surfacecalc               Functions for computing the exposure age of surface 

profilecalc		  Functions for the computing the exposure age of
			  depth profiles.

muoncalib		  Code and data for calibrating muon production 

pf0calib		  Code and data for calibrating 36-Cl thermal and 
			  epithermal neutron production parameter Pf(0).  

excellformatting          Scripts for formatting an Excell spreadsheet as 
                          a .mat file.

indages                   MATLAB code for computing independent ages from 
                          14-C PDF's of "before" and "after" samples.
Note that you must add the "production" directory to search directory so that 
these functions will be visible to MATLAB when working in the other 
directories.  This can be done with the "addpath" command.  e.g., if the
production director is in /home/borchers/cronuscode/production, then use
>> addpath /home/borchers/cronuscode/production
to add the production directory to the search path.  

Finally, note that this software is licensed under the Gnu Public License (GPL)
version 2.  See gpl.txt