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Issue #101 resolved
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It would be fine, to have also the TSpinEdit supported, an common used standard-component.

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  1. Harry Stahl

    Sorry for asking about the status. I don't want to make pressure, but if that component brings problems for you or it would take longer time to include it in crossvcl, I would replace the TSpinEdit in my forms with TEdit.

  2. Brian Hamilton

    Hi I Still get error Unit 'Vcl.Samples.Spin' not found. with the latest version 0.94 maybe you have forgoten a file or similar in that update? thanks and keep up the good work! Brian

  3. Harry Stahl

    Thank you, it works fine.

    With 0.94 and perhaps 2 hour work I was able to compile and run the app on MAC.


    OK, there is remaining work at different places but it is a great success at this stage at all.

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