TcheckListBox has no checkboxes

Issue #119 open
Harry Stahl created an issue

In the often used TChecklistbox are no checkboxes.

By the way, when this bug is fixed, I can make my Server-App ready for MAC-OS (and Linux), so this demonstrates from my point of view the great progress that is made here.

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  1. Eugene Kryukov repo owner

    Yes, TCheckListBox is custom owner-drawing TListBox. For 1.0 we don't have plan to support owner-drawing controls. That's why it is impossible to use TCheckListBox right now.

  2. Harry Stahl reporter

    OK, I wasn't aware, that TCheckListbox is an owner-drawing component.

    Are there more components - beside TDrawGrid - that will be not supported in total in Version 1.0, because it is ownerdrawn? That would be good to know for planing.

    For the TCheckListbox I could use as a workaround TListview (Report-mode) (2 columns, 1 colum with checked and unchecked-bitmaps), when Images will be supported in TListview. Or do you have an other advice here?

  3. Eugene Kryukov repo owner

    TDrawGrid is ok, because it is custom control (all drawing made by component). Right now there is problem with native-control with owner-drawing (like TLisBox, TButton, TEdit ...).

    As for TListView it seems it not support checkbox yet, we will try to implement this.

  4. Harry Stahl reporter

    Thank you, that is great, big progress!

    Could it be possible to show the subimages also in the header and in the subentries?

    See attached a sample on Windows and on MAC with crossvcl.

  5. Harry Stahl reporter

    It is great to have the TListview as a way to replace the TCheckListbox.

    Nevertheless the TCheckListbox is a heavy used component, so it will make a lot of work to replace it in all dialogs, where it is used. So I want to ask again, if here could something be done in the nearer future.

    CrossVCL has made a really great progress, I'am thrilled at the moment, how easy it is to bring step by step the vcl-dialogs that I have to linux and macos.

  6. Eugene Kryukov repo owner

    Since CheckedListBox isn't native control (just owner draw) it is not so easy. But we will try to implement it in one of next update.

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