VitualTreeView AV in 0.99b

Issue #131 resolved
Ronald Klitsche
created an issue

The VirtualTreeView from here: is not working on macOS with 0.99b

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  1. Ronald Klitsche reporter

    With 0.99cThe Advanced demo is not fully working on macOS:

    • TSpeedForm - The speed breakthrough has problems with the scrolling by Keyboard and mouse. The first row is not drawing correct
    • TNodeForm - Multilines nodes crash
    • TAlignForm- Alignment, directionality and internationalization crash
  2. Ronald Klitsche reporter
    • TPropertiesForm - Property tree simulation, editing in ComboBox field like "Category", the ComboBox field and button is wiped out when the mouse pointer leaves the ComboBox.

    Pressing any funtion Key like F1..F12 getting an AV. After editing, the changed nodes values are printed in bold under Win32. On MacOS not.

  3. Eugene Kryukov repo owner

    Please update VirtualTrees. Multiline crash mostly because of RTL issue with resources (HInstance should be not nil - fixed on github). As for keyboard scrolling - it works the same on Windows (it seems it is VT options).

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