character index out of bounds

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qa:=TUniQuery.Create(nil); qa.Connection:=UniConnection1;

qa.Close; qa.SQL.Clear; qa.SQL.Add('select id from attlog where'); qa.SQL.Add('dwEnrollNumber ='+QuotedStr(PersonID)); qa.SQL.Add('and dwVerifyMode =0'); qa.SQL.Add('and dwInOutMode ='+AttState); qa.SQL.Add('and dwYear ='+copy(Tarikh,1,4)); qa.SQL.Add('and dwMonth ='+Copy(Tarikh,6,2)); qa.SQL.Add('and dwDay ='+Copy(Tarikh,9,2)); qa.SQL.Add('and dwHour ='+Copy(saat,1,2)); qa.SQL.Add('and dwMinute ='+Copy(saat,4,2)); qa.SQL.Add('and dwSecond ='+Copy(saat,7,2)); qa.SQL.Add('and dwWorkCode =0');



After qa.Open show Error : character index out of bounds

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