Missing PrintDlgW @ comdlg32.dll

Issue #16 resolved
Ralf Stocker
created an issue

dyld: Symbol not found: PrintDlgW Referenced from: /Users/user1/PAServer/scratch-dir/Administrator-mac/PC.app/Contents/MacOS/PC Expected in: /Users/user1/PAServer/scratch-dir/Administrator-mac/PC.app/Contents/MacOS/comdlg32.dll

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  1. Dmitriy Bolshakov

    Without this, we can not begin researching the capabilities of the CrossVCL that are already implemented. Many WinAPI functions are inside VCL, we can not easily cut them out to get rid of the "Symbol not found" error. Or can we?

  2. Eugene Kryukov repo owner

    CrossVcl makes a VCL copy, you can modify it without any worries. When you next time install CrossVcl it restore to original state. Your original Delphi's source never modified.

    The problem that Vcl statically linked with most APIs. That's why you get this error if this API absent in CrossVcl.

    Posting missing API here allows us to quickly implement it or at least make a stub.

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