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Peter Gates
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Using Accessibility Inspector on OSX I can see the AXRadioButton / AXCheckBox / AXComboBox on a form I've created but it doesn't 'see' any of the push buttons (I've got several standard TButtons {not TSpeedButtons or TBitBtns} on the form). Is this a bug or a property I need to change or something I need to set somewhere?

Thanks, Pete

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  1. Peter Gates reporter

    Hi Eugene, Ok, I see. Could this be made an option? I suppose that is difficult as there is no user intervention in how CrossVCL operates. I don’t mind the fixed height of the native button and I have someone that wants to be able to automate something I’m writing.

    Regards, Pete

  2. Peter Gates reporter

    Or, if you could change the style of the NSButton from Push to Bevel (even though the Bevel style is deprecated, people are still using it and it seems a better solution to me) you can then vary height in addition to width.

    Thanks, Pete

  3. Peter Gates reporter

    I still wouldn't mind some sort of option to have the standard (fixed height) NSButton rather than your custom drawn view one though, because of my issue.

    Thanks, Pete

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