TActionMainMenuBar is not working

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If program uses TActionMainMenuBar it fails by clicking on any item trying to call DoGetElementMargins:

function TCustomStyleServices.GetElementMargins(DC: HDC; Details: TThemedElementDetails; ElementMargin: TElementMargin; out Margins: TElementMargins; DPI: Integer = 0): Boolean; begin Result := DoGetElementMargins(DC, Details, nil, ElementMargin, Margins, DPI); end;

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  1. O A

    I can confirm it's working for TActionToolBar, but causes exceptions by clicking on items of TActionMainMenuBar. I guess the reason is usage of "Category" - when you drag'n'drop in Designer single items it works, but if you do this for a category (should generate a drop-down list of sub-items) it fails by "access denied" to memory address which equals to the item index

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