Wrong Result for GetRgnbox on Linux

Issue #192 resolved
Harry Stahl created an issue

The Values for the rect are wrong for right and bottom (each has added the twofold of left and top).

It is only on linux, on mac it is ok.

procedure TForm55.FormPaint(Sender: TObject); var Rgn: HRgn; Box: TRect; begin //Rgn := CreateRoundRectRgn(10, 10, 200, 150, 30, 30);

Rgn := CreateRectRgn(50, 50, 200, 150); try GetRgnBox(Rgn, Box);

Showmessage (Box.left.ToString + '   ' + Box.top.ToString + '  ' + box.right.tostring + '  ' + box.bottom.tostring);

// on Windows and mac you see: 50,50,200,150 // on Linux you see 50,50,300,250

Canvas.Brush.Color := clGreen;

SelectClipRgn(Canvas.Handle, Rgn);

//FillRgn(Canvas.Handle, Rgn, Canvas.Brush.Handle);

canvas.fillrect (clientrect);

SelectClipRgn(Canvas.Handle, HRgn (nil));

finally DeleteObject(Rgn); end;

Rgn := CreateEllipticRgnIndirect(Rect(220, 220, 320, 320)); try Canvas.Brush.Color := clRed; ExtSelectClipRgn(Canvas.Handle, Rgn, RGN_AND);

Canvas.Draw(220, 220, Image1.Picture.Graphic);

finally DeleteObject(Rgn); end; end;

The Region-functions are heavy in use here, hope you can fix it

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  1. Harry Stahl reporter

    Additional Info: It seems that allready the creation of the region (CreateRectRgn) is wrong, because if I made a internal fix of the resulting rect, an use of

    bitmap.canvas.fillrect (rect), than it is ok,


    FillRgn(Canvas.Handle, Rgn, Canvas.Brush.Handle)

    use the wrong area.

    So I assume not the GetRgnBox is wrong, but the creation of the region.

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