IF a TListbox has "multiselect" as "true", no clickevent is fired

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Harry Stahl created an issue

Beside this, I assume "itemheight" of TListbox (eg. 80 pixel) is not supported, because of restrictions of the native components?

So what component I should use as a replacement so show pictures in a list?

TListview I assume?

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  1. Eugene Kryukov repo owner

    How do you show picture ? Using owner-drawing ? If so it is hard to implement on native controls.

    As for ItemHeight - it is isn't an issue - we will try to fix that

  2. Harry Stahl reporter

    Yes, it is owner drawing... But I thing a switch to Tistview could be possible for me (if there is no other way)...

  3. Harry Stahl reporter

    To make it more clear, what I want: This is the windows-version, where I use Owner draw for the TListBox:


    On the other side, TStringGrid support allready OwnerDraw, so I could use also this (at the moment only used to display the opened images in the editor): ViewStringGrid.jpg

  4. Harry Stahl reporter

    So if TListView does not support Itemheight, then the stringgrid would be the right choice (or)?

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