TToolBar not showing

Issue #88 resolved
Chris Rolliston
created an issue

Steps: 1. Create a new VCL forms application. 2. Add a TRichEdit, a TToolBar, a TImageList, and a TActionList 3. Align the rich edit to alClient and the toolbar to alTop 4. Assign both the toolbar's and the action list's Images property to ImageList1 5. Open up the action list editor, and add the standard rich edit actions to it (i.e. TRichEditBold etc.) 6. Add corresponding buttons to the toolbar, remembering to set their Action properties accordingly. 7. Run. Expected and actual: form shows with its toolbar 8. Add the macOS target, and run.

Expected: similar to form shows with its toolbar Actual: form and rich edit show fine, but the toolbar is not painted.

Using CrossVCL 0.41, Delphi 10.2, and macOS 10.12. Sample project attached...

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